Stray Gifts Photography | About

Along with sketch paper, pencils, and model-making supplies, first year architecture students at Virginia Tech when I arrived there in 1977 were encouraged to add a camera to the list of basic equipment. 

The camera, we learned, is a tool to help see in a different way. By isolating a segment of reality in the frame of a photograph, reality is rearranged, the properties of the subject are transformed into elements of composition.

Today, although technological advances continue to transform the practice of photography, some things remain constant.  I remain captivated by the world as seen through the viewfinder, still transported when distilling a composed moment from the limitless opportunities.

In my photographs the goal is to discover and convey the beauty in a scene, whether the undisguised drama of the grand scenes or the latent art lurking in the quiet transcendental ones.

Wordsworth’s lines resonate, that “pleasure is spread through the earth, in stray gifts to be claimed by whoever shall find”.  It is a privilege to encounter and capture these gifts, to create and share works that offer a glimpse into “kind Nature’s various wealth”.

I made the conversion to digital photography in 2011 after a long history of shooting slide film.  With the poet’s inspiration Stray Gifts Photography, the outlet for my photographic explorations, was formed in the summer of 2013.

This endeavor, like all other endeavors, is greatly enhanced by the unfailing support of my wife, Teresa who, regardless of the hour or atmospheric conditions, is at my side.  I highly value her patience and insights.  Donald R. Bowers, Owner/Artist